Black Genesis

Black Genesis comes from a selection of stories and Idea's in the Kingdom Come series.


"not all history is written"

                                 Kingdom Come: Black Genesis


The story of Black Genesis is inspired by the books of Michael Moorcook and his eternal champion series. Most notibly are the stories of Elric of Melnibone and his sword stormbringer of which the character of Azriel is loosely based.


Set in the darkage's in 535 A. D. around the time of the legendry King Aurthur, the story follows  the exploits of  Colonius, a dislliiusioned Roman Solider who tries to lead a trade caravan home across a dark country.


Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy




A former Roman Captain leads his kinsmen home, a rag tag caravan oftraders and merchants, across a plagued dark country. When they pick up aninjured stranger they are besieged by catastrophic events that throw theirsurvival into serious doubt. A menacing grip of death overwhelms the peopleof the caravan and the one true dark angel is revealed, the first of the fourhorsemen. The one true instrument of destruction.These events have never been recorded in any text. But then not all history is written.

                                                                                                      Kingdom Come.

Kingdom Come: Black Genesis Copyright 2014 Mark harrison

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