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If you love Halloween, Love Candy Sweets and Trick 'r' treats......You'll Love this.

" don't be mean this Halloween with you Candies and your sweets, 'Cause nobody wants, on this Hallow's eve a Knock from Tricksy Treat." 


Gangoul and Tricksy


On Halloween a mean and nasty sweet fanatic is unwilling to share his hoard of candy.

When a very special Trick 'r' treater calls. Mean Mcgreedy and his dog, Growler are shown the error of their ways as they are taken on a journey that will reveal  the true meaning of  Halloween.


You will never look at candy the same way again.


Ode to Tricksy Treat


" the trick is simple, the trick is sweet,

to find some candy for tricksy treat,

you cannot hide, you cannot cheat.

for the chimes at twelve will spell defeat.

Don't be stubborn or indeed a fool,

There is no escaping the Gang of Ghouls"


                                   The Book of Ghouls



Gangoul and Tricksy are on there way.......

Project News and Updates.....

Gangoul and Tricksy is a fun but scary family animated film set on the eve of Halloween. 


Generally many of the films released around Halloween with the exception of a few are aimed at the adult 'Horror' market.


 We Thought  it would be a great idea to create a film that focus's on  the ever expanding culture of Trick 'r' treating but told in a way that the whole family can enjoy.


Currently 'Gangoul and Tricksy' is an independent project in  the early stages of development.


Our aim is to develope an animated picture book for Halloween  and a complete animated film  for Halloween 2016.


However there will be a great deal to see and do on our Facebook page in the mean time


For more Information watch this space. Alternatively please feel free to contact us. 





Gangoul and Tricksy:

What is it?....