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Going Beyond the wall with 3D Mural Design


 After Graduating from Art school some 25 years ago Mark's first venture was in the exploration of 'Trompe L'Oeil murals, learning the techniques and skiills required to paint detailed, large format wall Art.


Mark successfully created a number  hand painted Murals in the new Forest area most notibly Stanwell house in Lymington and Tweed house also in the  New Forest area.


Since then Mark has returned to the Arena of  Mural design both domestic and coorporate, incorporating skills both new and old. Much of his work is now computer designed using the latest 3D technology and software to create stunningly detailed high resolution imagry that also creates an expanded spactial awareness of any enviroment.


Creating artwork in this manner allows clients to produce the work in any format they desire, weather it be printed on industrial quality wallpaper, fabric, board panels the options are wide and varied.


While the Murals are created in 3D this means that there is the option to create animation based on a Mural instalation. This maybe a great acompliment to have as an animated website banner or an animated introduction to a promotional film, again the options are extensive.








 Image Right: This is the Highbury College Portsmouth Mural developed for the engineering department. The brief was to create an image that captured different elements in both structural and electronic engineering but also an image that inspires and  captures the imagination with elements both new and old. The Highbury Mural stands an impressive 6.5 mrtres in height and 3 metres wide. Installation date: December 2015.





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