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2019/2020 Fast & Furious 9            (Lighting Lead) DNEG London


2019 Wonder Woman 1984 (Senior Lighting TD) DNEG London


2018 Venom (Senior Lighting TD) DNEG London


2018 Mission Impossible: Fallout  (CG Supervisor) DNEG London

2017 Thor Ragnarok (CG Build Supervisor/ Lighting TD) 


2017 Life (Lead Artist) DNEG

2016 Assassins Creed (Lead 3D Artist) Double Negative


2016 Star Trek Beyond (Senior Lookdev and Lighting TD)

Double Negative London

2014 Floogals (look development) Jellyfish

2014 Electricity  (CG Supervisor) Outpost VFX


2012 Dark Shadows (senior lighting technical director) MPC


2012 World War Z  (3D Generalist, Previz) MPC  (Uncredited)

2012 Wrath of the Titans (Lookdev/Senior lighting technical director) MPC

2011 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 (senior lighting technical director) MPC

2011 Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (Lookdev/ Senior lighting technical director) MPC

2010 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 (Lookdev/Senior lighting technical director) MPC

2010 Aftershock (lighting TD) MPC

2010 Clash of the Titans (lighting technical director) MPC

2009 Case 39 (CG artist: Rainmaker)

2008 The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian (lighting technical director: MPC)

2008 Vantage Point (CG artist: Rainmaker)

2007 Fred Claus (CG artist) Rainmaker

2007 1408 (digital artist) Rainmaker

2007 Rome (TV series) (digital artist - 1 episode)

– Deus Impeditio Esuritori Nullus (No God Can Stop a Hungry Man) (2007) (digital artist)

2006 Garfield 2 (lighting: Rainmaker)

2006 The Da Vinci Code (3D generalist  -Rainmaker)


2000 -2001 Audio Motion Various Projects. (3D Generalist






2016 Gangoul & Tricksy: Don't be Mean this Halloween






Mark Harrison     CG Supervisor     VFX Artist

Over the course of nearly two decades, Mark has worked on various projects in varying roles from 3D Generalist to VFX Supervisor within the VFX Industry.


 His prime focus has been in the development and creation of visual effects for the Commercial, Broadcast, and feature film departments of some of the more well-known post-production houses in and around London, contributing to some of the most ambitious commercial campaign's and film productions, Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean, Star Trek and Mission Impossible: Fallout to name but a few. These productions and many more have offered up a number of incredible challenges but given Mark a vast and broad experience of visual effects.




In 2003 Mark was recruited to work on the  New Captain Scarlet at Pinewood studios. In a very short period as a 3D generalist, he was promoted toCG then VFX Supervisor working alongside the late Ron Thornton and Gerry Anderson to help complete several episodes of the groundbreaking animated  Sci-Fi/Action TV show.



After Scarlet was completed he expanded his knowledge working in  Bristol and London. His first job on a  major feature film was with 'Rainmaker UK' who had won their pitch to create visual effects on the 'Davinci Code'.



From then on Mark freelanced in London pursuing his passion for  Character and creature creation and Look development work which he ultimately found whilst working at  MPC (Moving Picture Company) for more than five years.








 In 2012 Mark was a member of the visual effects team who won a BAFTA for their work on the final installment of  Harry Potter and The Deadly Hallows.



In 2013, Mark joined the Outpost's team in Bournemouth as CG Supervisor to create and deliver all the visual effects for the feature film 'Electricity'. A film produced by  Stone City and directed by Bryn Higgins. This was a return for Mark to the 3D Generalist environment where it is necessary to not only organize and Supervise the project but develop your own shots for the film.

In 2016 Mark joined DNEG as a Senior Lighting TD on Star Trek Beyond and has since worked on a number of film projects in various roles. Mark worked as the lead on many projects, CG Supervisor on Mission Impossible: Fallout, and then continued as  CG Lighting Supervisor until 2020.


More recently Mark has taken time to peruse his interest in creative writing. He has combined his knowledge of visual effects and animation in his storytelling to produce  'Gangoul and Tricksy:  A VR Experience. Gangoul and Tricksy is the first of a number of projects set to be produced under the banner of the newly formed 'Shadoworks Animation'.




2018   The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance. (Senior Lighting TD) DNEG.

2006  I Shouldn't be alive.  12 part TV series for the discovery channel (VFX Supervisor) 422

2003 - 2005 Captain Scarlet (TV series) (CG/VFX Supervisor: Scarlet Team - 8 episodes)  Double Negative/ Scarlet digital imaging. The Indestructible Company.



Commercials 2006 - 2014


Hiede   Theme Park - Demon 2014

Outpost VFX


Sky Christmas Ident s 2013 (CG Supervisor)

Outpost VFX


More Than Home Insurance (3D Animator)

Outpost VFX


Toyota Covered  (CG Supervisor) MPC


Evian Baby  (Lookdev/ Senior Lighting TD) MPC


Kerry Low Low Cheese (Senior Lighting TD) MPC


Trident Fresh (Lead Artist) MPC


Trident Splash 

Marks and Spencers Women's wear (3D Generalist)MPC


Cif Power cream 2010 (CG supervisor) MPC


Wrigleys Fruit (Senior Lighting TD) MPC


Orange Dial Hard (Senior Lighting TD) MPC


Plane Stupid Polar Bear (Senior Lighting TD) MPC


Sainsbury Car Insurance

( CG Supervisor)

Partizan Labs


Saturn Commercials

(3D Generalist) Rushes


Coca Cola Beijing Olympics (3D Generalist)

Partizan labs


Boomerang Channel Idents (3D Generalist)

Liquid TV.


Doctor Soft  (3D Generalist) The Mill 


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