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Sky Sports Christmas 2013 Idents

CG Supervisor at Outpost

Kerry Low Low Cheese

Senior Lighting TD  MPC


Toyota Covered

CG Supervisor MPC

Evian Baby

Look Development and Lighting TD MPC


Plane Stupid Polar Bears

Senior lighting TD MPC


Trident Fresh

Lead Artist / Creature development TD MPC

Wrigley's  Fruit

3D Generalist MPC

Complete  Listing of Commercials and TV  Idents  2006 - 2014


Hiede   Theme Park - Demon 2014

Outpost VFX


Sky Christmas Ident s 2013 (CG Supervisor)

Outpost VFX


More Than Home Insurance (3D Animator)

Outpost VFX


Toyota Covered  (CG Supervisor) MPC


Evian Baby  (Lookdev/ Senior Lighting TD) MPC


Kerry Low Low Cheese (Senior Lighting TD) MPC


Trident Fresh (Lead Artist) MPC


Trident Splash 

Marks and Spencers Womens wear (3D Generalist)



Cif Power cream 2010 (CG supervisor) MPC


Wrigleys Fruit (Senior Lighting TD) MPC


Orange Dial Hard (Senior Lighting TD MPC


Plane Stupid Polar Bear (Senior Lighting TD MPC


Sainsbury Car Insurance ( CG Supervisor )

Partizan Labs


Saturn Commercials (3D Generalist) Rushes


Coca Cola Beijing Olympics 3D Generalist)

Partizan labs


Boomerang Channel Idents (3D Generalist)

Liquid TV.


Doctor Soft  (3D Generalist) The Mill(3D Generalist ) MPC



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